What Is Reverse Phone Look Up

How Does A Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

For the most part, long gone are the days when the phone rang and you didn’t know which of your friends or family were on the other end. But even with caller ID on most of our phones, there is still the occasional phone number that leaves you scratching your head as to who it belongs to.

The solution? A reverse phone look up. This type of online search lets you find out who a number belongs to, whether it be a business, residence, landline or cell phone.

How a Reverse Phone Lookup Works

There are plenty of sources that debunk the possibility that cell phones in particular can work with a reverse phone look up, so the first thing to note is that yes—reverse phone look up can indeed work to match just about any phone number with its owner.

To look up a phone number, all you need is the 10-digit number (both the area code and phone number) and an internet connection. You’ll put the number into a database like usphonebook.com, which will then search through billions of up-to-date records (and historical ones, as well) available through publicly available sources.

The results will include the name and location of the phone number, and possibly the cell phone carrier and more. The data is updated regularly to all types of phone numbers—not just landlines—to ensure you’re looking at the most up-to-date information available. It also allows you to conduct even deeper searches, including background checks and criminal records.

When You Might Consider a Reverse Phone Lookup

If you find yourself with a mystery phone number and not much other information, searching for the number itself can help you learn more. Consider a reverse phone look up for:

  • Finding unknown phone numbers that appear on your caller ID
  • If you’ve written down a phone number without a name
  • Determining unknown numbers on your or your family’s cell phone bill
  • Figuring out which numbers belong to a salesperson or telemarketer
  • Tracking down the person behind incessant or harassing phone calls
Is Reverse Phone Lookup Free?

There are a number of online services that claim to provide reverse phone look up information for free—but many of these only look up landline phone numbers, or don’t give you the full breadth of information available. USPhoneBook allows up to five completely free searches per day, per login. With a simple free sign up, you’ll be able to conduct up to 15 free searches each day. And with each search, you’ll receive the full name of the person or business associated with the phone number, plus the location, type of phone number and cell phone carrier (like Verizon or AT&T) if applicable.

It’s a smart idea to have a reverse phone lookup at your disposal in case you find yourself with a prank caller, a suspicious situation or just an annoying caller on the other end. Getting to the bottom of the phone number in question can quickly put your mind at ease.