Use Reverse Phone Lookup To Catch a Cheater

5 Phone Signs That Your Partner is Cheating

If you or someone you know has been cheated on, you probably know that it often doesn’t come out of left field. There are certain signs and suspicions along the way, that maybe you brushed off or chose to ignore, only to be proven wrong in the end.

In the digital age, there are plenty of clues having to do with our everyday cell phone use that could leave you wondering what your spouse is really up to. Here are five telltale situations that could be a relationship red flag:

  1. His phone is locked—and you don’t know the code. Using the security features on a cell phone is a smart practice for keeping your information safe in the event that your phone falls into the wrong hands. But that shouldn’t be the case with your own spouse. If he insists on keeping his security code to himself, that could be a questionable sign that there are things under that passcode that he doesn’t want you to see.
  2. She has phone numbers with no contact info. A phone number with blank or vague contact information isn’t exactly a helpful address book entry. There must be a reason your partner has entered it without, and it could be because they don’t want that person to be easily identified.
  3. His call and text logs are empty. Unless your partner just isn’t a phone type, it’s not likely that they don’t spend any time using it for calling and texting. Or maybe he references being on the phone, but there’s nothing on the phone to show for it. There’s a chance those messages could be being deleted to hide any nefarious activity.
  4. She’s always on the phone—except when it’s you. She’s hooked to her phone—constantly checking Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram when you’re at home or together; responding to texts as soon as the sound goes off; maybe even stepping into another room to use her phone. Yet, when you send a text or call her, it takes her an awfully long time to reply. What gives? Perhaps she’s preoccupied with someone else, or simply doesn’t prioritize your messages the same way she does certain other contacts.
  5. He’s using non-native apps to communicate. If he’s sending all of his messages via third-party apps that don’t require real/full names or require you to have the contact in your phone, it might be worth a look to see whom he’s talking to. If it isn’t mutual friends or anyone you know, you may wonder why he’s using these more “underground” ways to chat.

If you’re witness to any of these, it could be a sign that your partner is cheating. If you’re suspicious of a cheater, take one of the numbers in question from their phone and use a reverse phone look up to find out who it belongs to. The search will give you a real name that you can use to investigate who that person is and if they have any business communicating with your significant other.

The search can remain anonymous, so your partner won’t know you went digging for information—but what you find could end up saving you a lot of heartache in the long run.